Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Better then the GED?

One of my clients got a thing in the mail from a place we'll call "Bontinental Bacademy" which offers high school drop-outs to get their diploma instead of their GED. Very sketchy. The program consists of said high school drop-out paying $400 in easy $40 a month payments and you take one test that you can take as long as you like to finish this test and you can re-take sections as many times as you need for no additional charge. And after you pass and pay the charge you get your diploma, including a wallet sized copy, which might just be completly useless. But the funniest thing is you can buy a "Bontinental Bacademy" graduation ring to "capture your memories, school spirit and achievement". Exactly, what memories are you trying to forever remember? This reminds me of when I got knocked up in 9th grade and had to drop out. This reminds me of that time I completed the math session of my test while watching Wheel of Fortune. Take it from someone who went to a real high school and has actually memories, you'll never wear the darn thing anyway.


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