Monday, March 07, 2005

Got a bad case of the Mondays

Ghetto vocab word for the day: "trained"(v)-to have multiply sexual partners in a row. All my niggas and me trained that bitch last night.

My supervisor taught me that word today in explaing why 2 of my clients and 3 other of our youth were being discharged and not allowed services for a year. I'm really upset because my one client has been holding a steady job and is in college and was probably going to go into our transitional housing program, but then he got involved in this.

Currently, I'm waiting for the maintence man to come back in to fix the drain pipe on the boys floor because its leaking all over the bathroom and laundry room and then place reaks of urine. Plus, I had the fortune of stepping in a puddle of the liquid. Awesome!


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