Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Not even a week into it...

I would never consider myself a chocolate lover, I never even thought i liked it that much, but I'm really missing it. I guess i didn't even realize all the things I consume that have chocolate and how much I would be cutting out. The biggest challenge was the two visits over the weekend to Friendly's (it's like I'm in hs again), it's crazy how almost every topping has chocolate involved and almost every flavor. I use to think that Friendly's had a good variety of ice cream, but they really only have 12 flavors.
However, not eating chocolate has made me discover two new delicious things. The first is the "strawberry-banana friend-z" at Friendly's which is a treat of vanilla ice cream with bananas and strawberry topping all mixed together. My second disovery was in the Oakland diner where I couldn't drink chocolate milk-my usual drink of choice at diners-so I got pink lemonade, which was delightful.
I'm already thinking what will be my first chocolate thing once Lent is over. I think we have to break traditions this year and stop off at TGIF so I can get oreo madness. However, oreo madness is so good normally I can't imagine after a chocolate fast, I think my heart might explode.


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