Sunday, February 06, 2005

Let's hear it for nothing to do on Sunday mornings at work

What year was it? 1998-99
What were your three favorite bands? Nsync, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi
What was your favorite outfit? Well I had no choice in my pink blouse/pink plaid skirt and cranberry cardigan for AHA with of course the cranberry knee socks. I can't really remember any shirts I wore then but I loved my overalls and this pair of LEI jeans I had that was so worn in it was like I was wearing sweatpants made of the wings of angels. I can still remember the moment freshman year when I ripped them and I realized I had to get rid of them. I heart those pants.
What was up with your hair? exactly the same.
Who were your best friends? All the people I'm friends with today give or take some (ie Laura-gone, Katie-added)
What did you do after school? Working at the afterschool program with Tara good times, good times. Folkgroup(even if there wasn't any just hanging out in Bryan School Park), (renagade) youthgroup, Search meetings and volleyball???
Did you take the bus? I was cool and had my license, but I was stuck driving my mom's stupid stationwagon
Who did you have a crush on? Brian, Brian McGowen, Brian, Evan, Brian,
Did you fight with your parents? totally, the only one I can specifically remember was the fight with my mom about me wearing make-up to prom-I got my way and didn't wear any.
Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? Jenson Ackles on Days!, Pacey from DC, Scott Wolf and JC.
Did you smoke cigarettes? nope
Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker? No, but I did carry my books in my purple LL Bean bookbag because that's what you did since there wasn't enough time to go back and forth between classes.
Did you have a 'clique'? If by clique you mean me and KB then yes, yes I did
Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater? My hangouts senior year was Vinny's basement/room, Kb's newly converted garage to living room and just driving around in my car(which was brand new then!) and usually ending up at 7/11
Admit it, were you popular? Def. not, but being popular meant getting scammified and I wasn't into that anyway
Who did you want to be just like? Not sure, maybe Joey from DC, my life already parrallelled that show.
What did you want to be when you grew up? Campus Minister/Youth Minister(see Brian for once you copied me!)/teacher perhaps/one time dancer on Broadway. I was adament that I would not go to graduate school and probably just be a stay at home mom.
What did you think you'd be at the age you are now? At 18, 23 is so old! At 23, 23 is so old! I can't say I remember specifically, but I probably assumed I would be a youth minister, and I hoped I would be in a serious relationship. I just got it mixed up a little cause I'm in a serious relationship with a youth minister :)


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