Monday, January 24, 2005

Spongebob gaypants

When I was coming out of our meeting today I saw a young, white girl looking like she was playing dress-up in a suit waiting for an inteview, much like I did a few months ago (sans suit), so I gave her a smile. I'm rooting for her so we can talk about white girl things like eating disorders, plastic surgery and John Mayer.

So I don't even understand why the news stations would even think that spongebob being gay and brainwashing our nation's children could even pass as story. It's bad enough that some crazy right-wing christian guy would make something so innocent into something totally crazy, but do we really have to broadcast it like it's a fact or could possibly be a fact. Hello!!!! For once and for all cartoons and fake creatures that exist on tv do not have sexual preferences, probably cause they don't even have genitalia! All I know there is a lot of whitetrash people who bought SpongeBob stuff at the boardwalk that are questioning their sexuality, and that my friends, is just not right!

Contact Congress to help the We are Family Foundation to pass a bill recognizing March 11th (six months after September 11) as National We Are Family Day to celebrate our humanity and to show the red states Spongebob might be queer, but he's here and we should love him regardless.


  • i meant to comment last week how funny your list of white girl things is. very clever

    By Blogger BVS, at 9:55 AM  

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