Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday

Day 2 of training at work, which apparently has been extended to 6 months! Here are some highlights:
*the director using the phrase "getting jiggy with it" in an attempt to sound 'street'-he gives a bad name to white people everywhere
*Finding out that one of my co-workers has a daughter who is a midget (his words) who is dating a 7 foot tall man AND he describes his daughter as looking like E.T.
Saddly there was no candy this time, but that's okay I was full from my chocolate shake a la McDonald's. I have decided that I'm giving up all chocolate for Lent-it mets my requirement of lenten things I give up by being the food I have become obsessed with. Past recepicants have been:
2003: all kinds of chips
2002: mozarella sticks
2001: choco tacos
Usually I just replace my current food obsession with a new one, but I still suffer that lost. And as usual I try to do something positive during Lent. After contemplation I think it's just going to be a general working on my relationship with God and trying to get to church. So hopefully this Lent I will grow in my relationship with God and have a lot less pimples.


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