Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Next" is the new "You're Fired"

I saw a delightful new show on MTV today called "Next". Basically it's dating show where the person looking for a date has 5 potential dates on this bus. The dates come out one at a time to interact with the dater. At any point in time the dater wants he/she can say "next" and they person has to go back to the bus and the next person is up. The dates get a dollar per mnute they stay on the date, so when the dater decided this is "the one!" the date decided whether they will continue the date or just walk away with the money they had earned so far. At this point in the show there's an awesome recap of the day, which I guess is suppose to be the person's thoughts.

I watched 3 episodes today and I was very impressed with this poor man's Keanu Reeves model-guy. His 3rd date was with this slut girl who had a boob job (don't they all?) and when asked what she liked to do on her spare time she said "showing off my two assests" and pulled off her top and he said "Next" on her! It was awesome!

I'm totally NOT "Nexting" next.


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