Sunday, April 24, 2005

Don't let the bed bugs bite.....

It's official the boys floor at work is infested so we need to fumagate it. The boys have been moved to the girl's floor and the girls to a conference room. Then I come in today and i guess they fummigated the dayroom (our offices are right off the dayroom) so that area is closed off, I don't know for how long, but how am I suppose to do my work if I have no files and no office to do it in? But I take comfort that the Today show did a report on bed bugs on Friday so at least our pests are the hot things this spring.
In other work related news I am going to start teaching a class once a week on Tolerance and Diversity. I'm going to cover sex/gender, race, religion and sexual identity among other things. It should lead to interesting discussions between my feminist, liberal self and ghetto youth. I feel like Michelle Pfiefer in the incredible movie Dangerous Minds.
And last but not least I got into Fordham. I'm very nervous about a) going back to school and trying to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool and b) balancing work and school. But to quote myself upon seeing my acceptance letter, "I have a future".
Oh one weird thing: Some random person called work today to say they just had sex for the first time and they've been having weird discharge, what should they do? I wanted to say, well for starters don't seek information at homeless shelters, but instead I referred her to Planned Parenthood.


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