Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hello, my name is Erin and I am a fish addict

I am not an impulse buyer. Even when I have gift cards it takes me months to figure out what to buy. However, fish is a whole different story. Friday I made my second! impulse fish buy. The first one, was of course the late, great, Britney Chava Wetzel Timberlake IV (heiresss to the Wetzel Pretzel fortune) who was purchased at a petstore when I was there getting something for my iguana (God bless Iggy). On my defense, the pet store lady did give us her for free. Anyway, on Friday I had a whole bunch of errands to run and I was going to check the 99 cent store to see if they had part of my costume, but alas the one in the Hackensack by my gym is closed so I drove around the parking lot and saw the petstore which reminded me I wanted to get Lola a bone to chew on. I found the bone and as I'm waiting to pay I saw a Beta fish who unlike his compadres had no beautiful colors, he was just peach (like Shelby, who much like her namesake character in Steel Magnolias, is dead). I just knew I could not leave him in that pet store to die an ugly, fish death. Thus, I now have a new fish named Salem (somewhat halloweeny/he's salmon colored/Days takes place in Salem which was on when I got him home). However, Salem has yet to eat anything, which concerns me. Both Shelby and Britney ate fine from the day they came home. And as we all know Britney in fact was TOO good an eater, since on her death certificate her cause of death is "drowning by lack of ability to reach surface due to obesity", which in all honesty is a cover-up since Britney was murdered by my ex-roommate and misanthrope Meghan, Britney didn't feed herself all those pellets now did she?. But back to Salem, in doing some research online this seems to be common when Betas relocate to a new place (this bowl is a mansion compared to his og one)and apparently he can go 10 days without food, so it's all good hopefully.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My new gym motivation

I had the most back (left) handed compliment/rude thing said to me at work. A new client was sitting in my office and asked "are you big or skinny?, cause sometimes I look at you and you look skinny and other times you look big". Well, I'm currently 1/2 pound closer to losing five pounds by 1/1/06, so hopefully in the future people won't have to question my body structure.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

An interesting concept

So in an article I'm reading for school it talks about how high we value money over people and how as a country we have up to the second reports of our economy but no social reports. Apparently, between 1960 and 1980 there were many reports done, but Reagan when he took office removed the funding (how hot is hell exactly, Ronald?) and now these reports are done by individuals doing their own research. Imagine if we had on CNN another scolly/screen thing that reported on social issues. IE: Money was cut again for medicaid, 5,000 more people to be unisured, the average gay man is 23% likely to be verbally harrassed (I made that up) etc. I think it's a very hard thing to report on, but think a report like that would bring so many issues to the public eye and (hopefully) people wouldn't be so ignorant.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lesson for Today

Double spacing rocks my world!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

They're having a baby!

It is truly a hannakah miracle that Katie Holmes is having Tom Cruise's baby. I guess this is his ultimate "see I'm not gay" publicity stunt. Three theories...One, Katie and Tom could have lost their viginity to eachother. I say this since there was no proof (i.e. kids, Nicole's uptightness they had sex) and his first wife said Tom refrained from sex since he wanted to become a monk. Theory #2: This baby is really chris klein's or some other guy Katie slept with. Or three (the theory I believe) that Tom, completly disgusted at the thought of a woman, and not even able to perform while he thinks about any or all the Baldwin brothers (even Billy!) as he always does had Katie insemenated to proof that he's not gay. I guess I just hate thinking that Katie lost her supposed viginity to this closted gay man, what a waste of hymen. <---took it too far