Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I heart the fall

There are many reasons why fall is quickly becoming my favorite season...
-the brisk weather
-the beauty of the leaves changing
-the crunching sound of walking through leaves
-pumpkins and apples
-the whole philosophy of fall being a new start
However, one of the main reasons I love fall is Edy's limited edition "apple pie" ice cream. DELICIOUS!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A funny and true quote

"Revelation is where all crazy people end up. It's the last stop on the nutso express." White Teeth

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bullet over Broad Street

Today when driving home from work I was behind this really nice, new SUV (I don't know anything about cars so who knows which kind). However, the car had one problem, 4 bullet holes! 3 on the driver side and one on the back (there might have been more I couldn't see). For a brief minute I thought they might be those decals that you buy but then I realized that I was in Newark so they were most likely real. My question is this: If at some point you want to buy a new car and you have to trade this one in, what exactly is the value loss for the car? Who (besides Laura Connolly) wants a car with bullet holes? FYI: Laura's first car she got from her great aunt who one day decided to go to church in a bad area of brooklyn and ended up with a bullet hole in her car by the time Mass was over

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Glorious day

On my way to the gym I passed a gas station with the price $2.99! Woohoo, gas below $3.00!!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Democrats Need To Grow Some Balls

So in the past year or more, it has come to light that George W. and other various members of his adminstration have lied. And not just about stupid, inconsiquential stuff like getting a blow-job. No, they have lied about things like the reason we have gone to war. Where is all the people from the left that are calling for impeachment? There needs to be a liberal Kenneth Starr ready to kick GOP ass.
I have three theries.

1. Democrats are scared of all the republicans that surrund them in DC. Let's face it republicans are louder and won't go down without a fight. The republicans are ready for anyone who wants to speak out to slap them with the "unpatriotic" card. And "unpatriotic" is the new "communist" label in this early part of the 21st century.

2. Democrats are lazy and unmotivated. Back in the Vietnam war era there was constant protesting, however, now a days it's more like once a year. I give a lot of credit to Cindy Sheenan for actually DOING something. I'm not one to talk (but then I'm not a democrat either :)

3. Democrats have a lot more class. Now I'm not going to say Democrats are goody goodies because they do some mud slinging too. I mean that asian hooker that G.W. Bush did coke off her ass, probably was not asian. But let's look at the recent election. You may remember the "swift boat veterans" ads. The whole thing was ridiculous, and the only people who could possibly believe it were morons (the democrats forgot that we have A LOT of those in our country). One can argue John Kerry did not handle this "issue" very well, but I was extremmly proud of the dignity he handled it with. He did not come rushing out to deny it and sound like a little kid "did too" and stick his tongue out (probably cause he too thought only a moron will believe it). Instead he waited until the debate to make a brief statement about it.

Recently, I've thought about how critized Clinton was for smoking (inhaling or not) pot. However, Bush is a former cokehead and not one person lingers on it. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it's time for the Democrats to step up because Republicans have been playing dirty for far too long, and it's time we played by their rules.

Summer is over :(

Ten Things You Did This Summer

1. Discovered my inner guidette

2. Turned 24

3. Stayed alone in my house (overnight) with out being (really) scared

4. Camped

5. Discovered the goodness that is pheasant skirts

6. Used the air conditioning in my car more then any other summer

7. Drank for an entire weekend/ate my weight in hotdogs and hamburgers

8. Went to a pshyic

9. was a VIP in a hot club

10. fell in love with a whale

Nine Favorite Songs of The Summer:

1. Anything by Kelly Clarkson

2. "Don't Cha" the Pussycat Dolls

3. "Victoria" the Kinks

4. "Shake it off" Mariah Carey

5. "Cool" Gwen Stafani

6. "Somebody Told Me" the Killers

7. "These Words" Natasha Bedenfield

8. "Chariot" Gavin McGraw

9. "You're Beautiful" James Blunt

8 Places You Ate At This Summer

1. The covenant

2. Joe's (American bar and)

3. The Cactus (or whatever the Mexican place in Ridgewood is called)

4. Friday's

5. Charlie Brown's

6. Small-town diner in New Hamshire

7. Various grills

8. Every pizza place ever

Seven Things that Annoyed You This Summer

1. Making doctor appointments

2. higher gas prices

3. the humidity

4. the war

5. irresponsible owners at the dog park

6. lots o' bills

7. can't lose those last 5-7 lbs

Six Things You Bought This Summer

1. Grad School at Fordham first semester

2. Overpriced gas

3. A fishtank

4. 3 months at the gym

5. a haircut for Lola

6. cute red shoes for the fall

Five Things You Accomplished This Summer

1. Up to the 4th level on the treadmill thingy at the gym

2. Opening a checking account

3. Stayed by myself and didn't call up Brian crying

4. Going the most north I have ever gone

5. Beat Brian at the alphabet game

Four (favorite-no order) Movies You Saw This Summer:

1. Wedding Crashers

2. Batman Begins

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

4. The Aristrocrats

Three Things You Wish You Did This Summer:

1. Went to the beach

2. Got in shape for summer

3. Not thrown up on a bus

Two Rules You Broke

1. Every rule for Vinny's pool (some more then once, and some that weren't even posted)

2. "Not wearing a seatbelt" according to the ticket I got, or as I like to call it "the paper of lies"

One Thing You Loved About This Summer

1. The lots and lots of fun and laughter I had

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Check it out

I keep talking this website up so I thought I'd finally post in on my site.

It's for everyone who loves celebrity gossip and pictures that make them look bad. Plus the writer is from bergen county, can it get much better?