Thursday, September 08, 2005

Summer is over :(

Ten Things You Did This Summer

1. Discovered my inner guidette

2. Turned 24

3. Stayed alone in my house (overnight) with out being (really) scared

4. Camped

5. Discovered the goodness that is pheasant skirts

6. Used the air conditioning in my car more then any other summer

7. Drank for an entire weekend/ate my weight in hotdogs and hamburgers

8. Went to a pshyic

9. was a VIP in a hot club

10. fell in love with a whale

Nine Favorite Songs of The Summer:

1. Anything by Kelly Clarkson

2. "Don't Cha" the Pussycat Dolls

3. "Victoria" the Kinks

4. "Shake it off" Mariah Carey

5. "Cool" Gwen Stafani

6. "Somebody Told Me" the Killers

7. "These Words" Natasha Bedenfield

8. "Chariot" Gavin McGraw

9. "You're Beautiful" James Blunt

8 Places You Ate At This Summer

1. The covenant

2. Joe's (American bar and)

3. The Cactus (or whatever the Mexican place in Ridgewood is called)

4. Friday's

5. Charlie Brown's

6. Small-town diner in New Hamshire

7. Various grills

8. Every pizza place ever

Seven Things that Annoyed You This Summer

1. Making doctor appointments

2. higher gas prices

3. the humidity

4. the war

5. irresponsible owners at the dog park

6. lots o' bills

7. can't lose those last 5-7 lbs

Six Things You Bought This Summer

1. Grad School at Fordham first semester

2. Overpriced gas

3. A fishtank

4. 3 months at the gym

5. a haircut for Lola

6. cute red shoes for the fall

Five Things You Accomplished This Summer

1. Up to the 4th level on the treadmill thingy at the gym

2. Opening a checking account

3. Stayed by myself and didn't call up Brian crying

4. Going the most north I have ever gone

5. Beat Brian at the alphabet game

Four (favorite-no order) Movies You Saw This Summer:

1. Wedding Crashers

2. Batman Begins

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

4. The Aristrocrats

Three Things You Wish You Did This Summer:

1. Went to the beach

2. Got in shape for summer

3. Not thrown up on a bus

Two Rules You Broke

1. Every rule for Vinny's pool (some more then once, and some that weren't even posted)

2. "Not wearing a seatbelt" according to the ticket I got, or as I like to call it "the paper of lies"

One Thing You Loved About This Summer

1. The lots and lots of fun and laughter I had


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