Monday, August 01, 2005


At the gym today I was reading In Touch about different celebrities who have had plastic sugery. And they spoke about Pamela Anderson's (soon to be Pamela Lee thrice Anderson) numerous implants and according to this article her first set were Ds and she removed them, but missed them so much (who wouldn't miss something that gave you back pain and made physical activity slightly painful?) so replaced them with Cs!!!!!!!!!!! In Touch def. needs some fact checkers, or a staff member who has eyes. Pamela Anderson is not famous for her acting skills, but rather her HUMUNGEOUS boobs and let me tell you they are no Cs. As a Ccup myself, let me tell I will never be given my own sitcom called Stacked. And furthermore, her first ones weren't Ds either, probably DDDs or Es, come on now people.


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