Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bullet over Broad Street

Today when driving home from work I was behind this really nice, new SUV (I don't know anything about cars so who knows which kind). However, the car had one problem, 4 bullet holes! 3 on the driver side and one on the back (there might have been more I couldn't see). For a brief minute I thought they might be those decals that you buy but then I realized that I was in Newark so they were most likely real. My question is this: If at some point you want to buy a new car and you have to trade this one in, what exactly is the value loss for the car? Who (besides Laura Connolly) wants a car with bullet holes? FYI: Laura's first car she got from her great aunt who one day decided to go to church in a bad area of brooklyn and ended up with a bullet hole in her car by the time Mass was over


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