Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My new gym motivation

I had the most back (left) handed compliment/rude thing said to me at work. A new client was sitting in my office and asked "are you big or skinny?, cause sometimes I look at you and you look skinny and other times you look big". Well, I'm currently 1/2 pound closer to losing five pounds by 1/1/06, so hopefully in the future people won't have to question my body structure.


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 PM  

  • Hi Erin,

    I see you're getting comment spam, like the comment about John Butler Trio tabs. You can get rid of it by turning on your comment verfication at Blogger. It's under "settings" or one of those tabs.

    Anyway, thoughtless people are just amazing, aren't they? I had an acquaintance who was always asking "Have you lost weight? You look like you've lost weight." I finally started saying, "No, you just remember me as fatter than I am." :-)

    By Blogger Eric 3.0, at 10:51 AM  

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