Wednesday, October 05, 2005

They're having a baby!

It is truly a hannakah miracle that Katie Holmes is having Tom Cruise's baby. I guess this is his ultimate "see I'm not gay" publicity stunt. Three theories...One, Katie and Tom could have lost their viginity to eachother. I say this since there was no proof (i.e. kids, Nicole's uptightness they had sex) and his first wife said Tom refrained from sex since he wanted to become a monk. Theory #2: This baby is really chris klein's or some other guy Katie slept with. Or three (the theory I believe) that Tom, completly disgusted at the thought of a woman, and not even able to perform while he thinks about any or all the Baldwin brothers (even Billy!) as he always does had Katie insemenated to proof that he's not gay. I guess I just hate thinking that Katie lost her supposed viginity to this closted gay man, what a waste of hymen. <---took it too far


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  • That so made me laugh. I love it. I'm doing a radio program at the moment in Australia and I so stole some of your stuff and used it on air.


    By Blogger Parton Words, at 2:44 PM  

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