Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's a resolution...

Here's a look back on my 2005 Resolutions and how I did....

1. Get in shape and lose weight-I went 50/50 on this one because while I did gain back all the weight I lost in 2003/2004 I also got more fit, being able to do level 5 on the treadmill thingy and do (almost) all the sets in my fav. aerbics class.

2. Be able to run a mile-I have not tested this one out, maybe that's my answer.

3. Use my passport-Well, I did technically use it for a form of I.D. when I had to get a new license. Even though I did not leave America I made plans to go to the Domican Republic for 2006 (and perhaps Canada!) so I think I accomplished this in a round about way.

4. Start graduate school-Hard to imagine last New year's I was getting ready to apply and I now I have my first A.

5. Get involved with something-I became a support person for JVC

6. Keep in better touch with people-I still need work in this one

7. Cook more and learn more recipes- Fell short on this too

8. See my nephews and niece more- I think I did a pretty decent job, but I don't think there's a bar to reach on this one.

All in all I did a good job in attaining my goals, so here are my resolutions for '06....

1. the classic lose weight-I want to feel good in a bikini in the DR

2. Get As in my classes-4.0 just sounds so good.

3. Give 100% at work

4. Speaking of work... my evil resultion that I refuse to put down on paper

5. Be more active-We all know I love to hike so I should actually do it. And kayak and run etc.

6. Get fit spiritually

7. Control my emotions better and be honest about them


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