Monday, November 21, 2005

The holidays have gotten too "christmasy"

I've been noticing a lot this year how much Christmas is "the norm" of our culture and it really bothers me that we are being exclusive to people. For example, instead of the M&M guys meeting Santa they could be reading a book about Hannakah and say "It IS true that had enough oil to burn for 8 nights!" and then one can faint. But seriously, I just think America is hypocritical in saying all no one belief system is America's belief system because in so many ways again and again it is shown that we are a Christian country.


In another note a client of mine (who may or may not be retarded) told me tonight that since coming to our shelter (almost 3 weeks) when previously he had been locked up for 5 years (since the age of 14) he has had sex 3 times. Now I wasn't sure of this was with 3 different people or what. He proudly told me he wore condoms, but I told him that doesn't protect against all STDs and he never really told me where he knew these women from. If he's been locked up since the age of 14 I think there is a good chance he was a virgin so he must have been gung ho that he was going to have sex ASAP. Anywhich way I think that's an impressive record.


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