Sunday, March 05, 2006

George W. Bush Hates America

I recently watched "Michael Moore Hates America" and I have to say it's pretty lame. The guy is just made to be a doctumentarian, and when Penn or Teller (whichever one that talks) is your expert of the subject (unless it's magic or the Aristocrats) you're in trouble. I think most of the arguments in the film were pretty trivial. For example, they talk about the opening scene of Columbine where Michael Moore opens a bank account and gets a gun. Apparently he had set up beforehand that they had a gun on hand for him but usually it takes a week or so because they do a background check. While it is a relief that they just don't hand you a gun for signing some papers I think the overwhelming point (at least to me) that truely only in America would you be rewarded with a gun, we are a gun crazy society.
Another big point in the movie is the Michael Moore was raised in a town next to Flint which is more well-to-do. If this is the truth isn't it more important that he spoke of the plight of a neighboring city and what it means when big business lays off thousands of people? I guess it can be argued that if you lie about the small things how do you know what's the truth. I did feel while I was watching this movie since the main point is Michael Moore lies I felt like well how do I know this guy isn't lying. Is Michael Moore's lying hurting America? Answer: No! He has shed light on issues that have been swept under the rug, plus he is a filmmaker and knows how to make a good film, it's a craft, and wouldn't it be boring to have watched him fill out paperwork go home wait a week and go back to the bank to get the gun? It was more sensational to see him walk out with one over his head, but both scenarios carry the same message. Even documentaries, which are true, can not not be biased and the absolute truth because they are influenced by the documentarian.
I did have issues with two parts of the film. One is that this guy went to Flint and various other places Michael Moore has filmed and basically shown the typical person who has "pulled themselves up by the bootstraps" which conservatives love to see because it shows that a) people who aren't sucessful are lazy b) we don't need to support these lazy people cause if others can do so can you. I just think the film went out of the way to find specific people to calm the fears of people who might have seen Moore's films to say "phew, everything IS okay in this country there's not a real unemployment crisis or soldiers love fighting in Iraq".
The other part is based off of the scene in Columbine when Moore makes the claim that Canada as a society feels safer then America due to less guns, crime etc. Moore says Canadians still leave their doors unlocked. I do think that's a broad statement, but anyway this guy went to Canada to an average street to test whether or not the doors were open. Out of the 5 he tried 1 was (when it opened you could tell he felt stupid) then I saw something, the house number. I rewound it and sure enough they did not go in order and ie he tried doors 270, 278, 265, 268 and 264, which made me wonder what happened to the other doors? Were they open? And perhaps for the sake of the film and a point he filmed just the ones he needed to make that point. Obviously this is just what he criticizes Moore of doing, but this is an out and out lie that has no good come out of it.
One point that I did like was he was said that Moore exagerrates because people on both sides of the fence have to make the bigger scene to get more attention and be more right. And he wisely says that however John Kerry does not participate in this kind of "I'm loud, I'm right" tactics and that totally captured the equitte that Kerry has that I admired and made me respect him that I couldn't quite verbalize before.
Is Michael Moore perfect? No. Has he exagerated? Yes. But the part that aggravates me watching this film is to see so many people passionate about this. At the end of the day does it really matter? it's a movie. Where are the people to be passionatte about Bush's lies about Iraq? Oh yeah, the government locks them up (ie Cindy Sheehan). Or the people to hold Bush accountable for all the lies he has told? Oh wait, that's Michael Moore.


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