Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What's your past life's name?

A former client who has been refusing her meds stated to me today that her "God-given name is etc. etc. etc. etc. etc." (no joke she had 4 middle names including the name Vanity) but that her past life's name is Audrey. Apparently her great-grandmother died on the date she was born and she feels Audrey is now living her life through her. I was going to press for more details but frankly I didn't really want to know HOW she knew all this.

And more info. on "smell goods" they are most frequently sold in little vials ( I guess it's economic to reuse your vials of crack after you smoke it all) and someone just writes on paper and tapes on the name of the fragrance (ie honey rain or ocean dreams). And apparently Muslims are the ones who sell them, so beware of these new weapons of mass destruction.


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